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Maximum batch posting time

Jim asked 6 years ago
What is the practical effect of the maximum batch posting time on posting routines?  We recently added a new business unit with very high transaction volumes relative to our existing business units.  Previously having a receivables or payables batch with 200 to 300 transactions was large for us.  Now having a batch with 2000 transactions is not unusual.  
If a given batch takes longer to post than the max posting time, what happens?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
If you set the maximum batch posting time to > 0 then Smartpost watches the time that it takes to posting.  If the posting time exceeds that max time, it’ll send an email to the Admin Email Address that is configured.
the email reads along the lines of:
Batch XXXX has exceeded the maximum posting time of YYYY.
other than that, it doesn’t stop or change any process – you just get the warning email.
The idea is “something bad” may have happened (ie error dialog up in GP or something) that needs to be addressed manually.

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