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Mass delete Chart of Accounts

Sarah Cheung asked 3 years ago
Is there any way to mass delete the records from Chart of Accounts instead of inactivating them?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
I’m assuming you mean “from Dynamics GP” and if so, I don’t see that you can from SmartConnect/eConnect.
SmartConnect uses the MSFT eConnect nodes and from the doc above (with link to the official eConnect SDK) doesn’t show that there is a node for “delete accounts” for GP.
But as you note, there is an ACTIVE flag on the account that you can set with SmartConnect/eConnect that you can use to inactivate them.
But as a workaround, you could write your own SQL script to delete these records (and whatever records you like )and execute it from SmartConnect – but obviously any data validation is up to you since you are directly manipulating the SQL data at that point.  So unless you really know what you are doing – I wouldn’t recommend doing it from the back end like that.

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