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Mass chnage Task server name

Geoff James asked 7 years ago
I have moved SmartConnect to another server. I managed to bulk update the servername. I am having an issue where under the Tasks we have a custom connection and the server name needs to be changed. I couldn’t find this field in any tables. I had to change each map individually.
Is there a way to mass update the server name?
Geoff James
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
There is not a way to mass change all of the tasks if you used a custom connection. The best option would be to create default connections,, and use those for your tasks. If you need to move SmartConnect to another server or change login information you can just change the default connection and all of the tasks using that connection will be updated.
Geoff James answered 7 years ago
Thanks Lorren. Unfortunately someone else set these tasks up some time ago. We will follow your instruction in future.

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