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mpd asked 9 years ago
I have an issue with a smartconnect map. It has worked correctly several times today, inporting sales invoices from an Excel  spreadsheet. Then it stopped working with the error – Connection could not be validated. ERROR[HY000][Microsoft excel driver) External table is not in the expected format. ERROR IM006 setconnectattr failed. External table is not in the expected format. I have checked the location of  the source file, unchanged since it worked last earlier today.  The source file has been re-generated and compared with an older example, the layout is correct 
sueconrod replied 9 years ago

Martin:  Make sure that the econnect service is still running.  Go to your Conrol Panel>>Administrative Toolsand Services and make sure that the econnect for Microsoft is running and so is eOne Smart Connect service Looks like one the econnect service is failing.  Usually if you stop and restart the service everything will be fine. 

Chris replied 9 years ago

We have also seen an issue (although very rarely) where the system that generates the source excel workbook does not do it correctly all the time. We would still be able to open the file to view the data but the ODBC driver would not connect to it. 

You can try copy/paste the data out to your own workbook that you have made and save it. Then point the map to your new file to see if it is an issue with the excel file itself.


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