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Maps failing with user login error for Windows Services

Anna asked 8 years ago
We’re in the process of removing personal ids from Windows Services and replacing them with specific service ids. We have a smartconnect service id (smartconnect_srvc) set up with local admin rights on the application server and the windows services are running fine under this id.
However, when we try and run a map, the map fails with the message: ‘login failed for user smartconnect_srvc’
If I switch the services back to run under my personal id, the maps run fine.
What additional permissions are required to get this to run correctly? The smartconnect_srvc user is set up as an admin within the smartconnect application.
Chris replied 8 years ago


Check what the domain is listed as within the SmartConnect Security window when the user is added in there. On some environments SC will pull in the NetBios name rather than the domain so the account listed within SC doesn’t match the account running the service.

The domain name can be changed directly within that security window if that is the case, and then any subsequent runs should match up correctly and let you schedule the maps.


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