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Mapping fields that may or may not be populated throwing errors when blank

Jay asked 1 year ago
I am setting up SmartConnect to integrate with Business Central. For Inbound data, we are translating our EDI data to XML to send to SmartConnect, and from there it will hit BC. I am trying to set up a single Sales Order integration between SmartConnect and BC that will handle all incoming orders for all customers. I would like to build the SC>BC integration so that I am mapping every possible value. This will allow us to control what goes into BC by just setting up as part of the EDI mapping, instead of having to set it up once in EDI and again in SC. The issue is that SC is trying to map every field even if they are blank in the source data, but the web service expects a non-blank value for some of the fields. This results in an error ‘Parameter set value event. Unable to convert a blank…..’
An example is the requested delivery date. Some customers send this, and others do not. If this field is blank, then the integration to BC fails. To be clear, I still want the record to be mapped, but I want to ignore blank fields within the record. The alternative that I can see now, setting up individual integrations for every scenario where we need to map a field that cannot be blank, seems cumbersome. What I am trying to do is what is fairly standard in EDI>ERP integrations; you map everything you need from the EDI into what is basically a canonical format and just pass it to the ERP. 
Is there a way I can achieve this? I hope that I’m just missing something obvious. 

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