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Map with SQL Realtime datasource don't activate

Alejandro Lopez asked 7 years ago
I’m working in a Map with a SQL Realtime Datasource, aparently all are configured right but the map doesn’t activate.
I configured the following:

  • The realtime datasource was configured.

  • The map use this datasource

  • The map has registered the realtime datasource for update

  • The SC WCF Web Service is installed

  • The SC Windows Service is installed

  • The Generic Connector has configured the WCF Web Service

  • The user that runs Services is registered as Administrator in SC (in Windows also).

  • Logs for errors and success are active in the map.

  • Debug logs too.

and, I checked:

  • SC created a trigger on the datasource table.

  • When an update on the datasource table occurs the trigger is executed and the transaction is logged In the WCF WebService log in IIS

  • There are no info in Map Log or Debug Log

  • There are no errors in SC Event Log or Windows Event Log.

Am I missing something?
Thank you
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago

What version of SQL Server are you currently using? For that component to actually work, it requires SQL 2012.
Alejandro Lopez replied 7 years ago

Thank you, this is bad news, I was working temporally in SQL2012 but my definitive environment will be 2008R2.

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