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Map to SQL Table

Patty asked 7 years ago
Simple SQL table.  Getting error processing “Tenant SQL Server XXXXX Database : XXXX  the column name ‘Store_ID’ is specified more than once in the SET clause or column list of an INSERT.  A column cannot be assigned more than one value in the same clause.  Modify the clause to make sure that a column is updated only once.   
It repeats this statement for all fields in the table. 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
This is a bug in SC 2014.
There are two ways to resolve this.
1 update to SC 2015 as it is fixed in that version
if you must stay on SC 2014 then you have to make sure that your Key Fields are selected so that each row of data is unique. Meaning that if you have 10 rows of source data then SC shows 10 documents.

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