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Map task fails when map run from webservice

MD asked 10 years ago

I have a SmartConnect map that runs a couple of batch scripts. The map works fine when scheduled and when run manually. However, when I run the map via the web service (using code based on a previous sample posted in this forum) I'm getting the message 'WEBCALLTESTMAP: Task MOVEFILES failed. Map run will continue."

My task tries to move a file from one directory to another. Now I've checked the permissions to ensure that both the service account and the account that triggers the web request both have permissions on the files and directories operated on in this batch script. These permissions appear to be in order.

Is there something else here that I'm missing? Is it possible to run maps containing OS batch tasks from the webservice?

Best Answer
Ruaan Jonker answered 9 years ago

Are you using the SmartConnect move file or did you write the script to move the files yourself.
You need to make sure these files and folders exist on the machine where the webservice is running.
The other thing that can happen is that the files already exist in the destination folder and the overwrite check has not been checked so the file cannot be moved.

MD replied 9 years ago

Thanks for the response Ruaan,

I have written the script to move the files myself and it is executed using the Run File task. In my test environment the files and folders do exist on the same machine running the webservice and I get this problem. The files currently do not exist in the destination folder and the script is coded to overwrite files in the destination but I do not expect that it would need to for this scenario as the filenames are date and time stamped. I have since replaced the task with a script task and moved the files that way. This method is working, however I am concerned that this will require me to change existing maps using this sort of task for the current project I'm working on. I don't really want to go down that road unless this is something that cannot be done when a map is invoked from the webservice.


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