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Map Success

Charles asked 2 years ago
A client with a map for importing items ran and showed successful even though nothing imported. We fixed this issue but I’m wondering what the map success truly means. 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
“Successful” means that there were no errors.  So successful could mean that you have the output set to run “to file” so that it goes to a text file output (for review typically) and not the actual intended destination like GP, BC, CRM etc.
“Successful” could also then mean that you have a “before document” task that is rejecting all of the “send to map destination” and have the setting set to “Cancel Processing” vs Error.
This would then stop the document from being either success/fail since it never got submitted.  So in theory i could have 25 Records/Documents and Cancel them all with Cancel Processing and the map was “success” because there were no failures.
Since you don’t say what you did exactly to “fix this issue” I can’t be more specific.

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