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Map Post Tasks – Separate or Flag Success and Failure Parent Data

Kieran Sweeney asked 4 years ago
I’m working on a Shopify-Business Central integration that relies on Bulk Data Loads from the REST connector. In this case, I’m mapping customers from Shopify to Business Central.
Before I update customer records, I want to ensure I have no null pointers. That is, I don’t want customers in Shopify that don’t exist in Business Central to go unhandled.
The first three maps of this integration are designed to establish only the keys in Business Central: No. and two extended page fields (Shopify ID and Shopify E-mail). The first map uses an OData lookup against the Shopify ID for the Customer No.
On map failure, the second map looks up the Customer No based on the Shopify E-mail.
On map failure, the third map creates new customers. Finally, now that all key records have been verified or created, a fourth map updates the customers based on an OData lookup on Shopify ID.
My problem is that all parent data passes between the first three maps represents all records. I only care to process failed records—especially for the insertion map (the third one). As a result, not only do I get updates on the records that exist, but I get duplicate insertions of the same customer if the third map triggers.
I have tried document failure instead of map failure tasks and received similar results.
Is there a way to filter parent data; so, only successful or only failed records pass? Otherwise, I would love to see an additional field pass down with the parent data to indicate which records succeeded and which records failed (e.g., a success bool).

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