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Map not shown in Excel Add-in Get Data list

Harvey asked 5 years ago
I have created a map using a SmartList as the source and I want to pull the data into Excel. It does not show in the Get Data Map Id drop down list. I am an administrator and the map is flagged to be run by any user. I can see all other maps I have created for bulk data loads. Why would this map not be shown in the Map Lookup window? Thanks in advance for any insight.
Lorren Zemke Staff replied 5 years ago

Harvey, what type of Bulk Data Load is the map that is not appearing?

Harvey replied 5 years ago

The map source is a Smartlist.
Support answered my question and they indicate that I cannot use a SmartList sourced map in the Excel Add-in.
I was trying to retrieve GP data into an Excel spreadsheet so a user that does not have access to GP or SmartList can get data into Excel. I have a couple of other methods to do this. Either use a SQL data source in a map and use the Excel Add-in or create a data connection in an Excel workbook using a SQL query as data source.

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