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Map Log Maintenance

Alejandro Lopez asked 7 years ago
I’m looking for a method to do maintenance to Map Logs, we have some scheduled maps with active logs and each one has a lot of running history. The only way in SC that I found to do this is one by one in the Map Log window.
Can I delete the records of old runs from TraceHeader and TraceLine? is it risky? or there are other method to do this?
Thank you
Jody answered 6 years ago

I would like to know as well.  I would be happy to schedule a SQL job to delete records older than X days, but I don’t want to break anything by missing a step or table.  I suppose I could run a SQL Profile and get a list of affected tables.  Does eOne have a configurable maintenance plan?
Jody replied 6 years ago

Possible functionality of Log Maintenance:

SmartConnect>[MapID]>Options>Use Log>Log Maintenance (button)

Log Maintenance Window:
Enable (checkbox)
Delete Trace Logs Older Than ____ Days
Reset Run Counter (checkbox)

– The “Enable” checkbox will allow the owner to decide to keep all log history or to periodically clean it up
– If enabled, the owner can select how long to keep trace logs
– The owner can elect to keep the original tally of map runs or reset it to match the current number of logs
– I can see how this would be a little more of a pain because we’d probably want the RunNumber in the Map table to
correspond with the RunNumber in the TraceHeader table, not that they match now if anything has ever been manually

Anyway, this seems like something that could be beneficial to have – but then again, I’m only seeing it from a couple of perspectives.

Jody replied 6 years ago

This is different than Log Maintenance in SmartConnect Setup

Alejandro answered 6 years ago
I identified the log table as [LogEventLog] (SmartConnect, I resolved to clean this table and after that I have any problems.
Jody replied 6 years ago


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