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map for sales order processing

deanne asked 9 years ago
We have zero dollar AR invoices that we generate in order to move inventory. Our entry is: AR dr $0 Sales cr $0 Inv cr $50 COGS dr $50 I’m using the Sales Order processing map in SmartConnect with the node = Sales Orders When the info flows to GP2013, the edit list is showing the Account type of our inventory accounts as TAKEN What should the DISTTYPE be set to so that the inventory shows COGS?
Sherry replied 9 years ago

Distribution Types:

deanne replied 9 years ago

Thanks for the info – I cannot get 14 through 19 to work.

Any secrets?

Sherry replied 9 years ago

What do you mean ‘can’t get them to work’? What happens? What results/errors? What I generally do is manually enter a document the exact way that I want it in SOP and save to be sure it will save the way I think it should, with the distributions I think it should have. Then from SC, I generate to XML file first to be sure I get the distributions I think I should be getting (to match the ones I manually keyed). Then I try importing into GP. Does that help?

deanne replied 9 years ago

When I use codes 14 through 19, the map will not work – says the distribution type is invalid

Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

You can't map those distribution types from eConnect as they are not allowed to be set at the header level of a Sales Document.  The COGS account is set when posting a Sales document and comes from the line item.  You can map the COGS and Inventory accounts on the Add Line Item section of a Sales Order Processing document.


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