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Map Error when updateing Dynamics 365 CRM client entity

asked 3 months ago

A map which updates the client entity in Dynamics 365 CRM is randomly failing due the error below.  I can rerun the map immediately and it will run without error.

Smart Connect Version:

From the SmartConnect Map log…

The entity with a name = ‘msdyn_geolocationsettings’ with namemapping = ‘Logical’

was not found in the MetadataCache. MetadataCacheDetails: ProviderType=Dynamic,

StandardCache=True, IsLoadedInStagedContext = False, Timestamp=13041990, MinActiveRowVersion=13041990,

MetadataInstanceId=31484720, LastUpdated=2022-10-16 02:59:20.497, OrgId=fb9ffcd7-1c30-4038-a7f9-6135334f8dfd

For entity ‘contact’ where ‘mtg_clientid = 262528,’ in organization ‘unqfb9ffcd71c304038a7f96135334f8’

Any thoughts on how to prevent the error?

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