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Map Error not showing data

klewis10367 asked 9 years ago
I have a map that pulls from a sql table. Sometimes the map will fail with this error type:
[quote=]Processing failed for data rows matching Document_Amount = '2.18'Customer_Id = 'GDMT515'Batch_Id = 'GDMTR08/04/2013'Sales_Amount = '2.18'Document_Date = '8/4/2013 4:55:04 PM'Document_Number = 'GDMTTR1571'Document_Type = '1'][/quote]

The problem is that all of the other records that are from the same sql view import.
 So, now when i go to run the map and it errors out…i open it to fix, and the records that have failed do not show up.


Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
I would first suggest upgrading, as there were 2 service packs for SmartConnect 2012 and a new SmartConnect 2013 release since the version you are currently on. Once that is done you can try enabling error logging, log error source data, and even turn the debugger on for a few runs while you are hitting the error to try narrow it down. Those can all be enabled from the Options tab in the map setup window.

klewis10367 answered 9 years ago
Thanks, i will do that, but i just figured out what the problem was…the SmartConnect did not like the fact that i had a Document Date set as datetime but was showing seconds and milliseconds. As soon as i converted it to a normal datetime…no seconds or miilliseconds, it worked fine. The problem i had trouble shooting was that the SmartConnect was not showing there lines that were erroing out.
Misty replied 6 years ago

Thank you klewis10367! I was having the same issue

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