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Map Data Checks

Kayla Worley asked 10 years ago
I would like to check data for gl account errors and email the list of gl accounts not valid and stop the map.

I have tried map data checks and it does stop the map but will not email a list or a failure?

I tried the checkglaccount script as a restriction and it does indeed check but still allows good data to be imported.  Therefore I have to delete the batch in Great plains before importing the fixed records.

My desire is to check for valid gl accounts and not run the map if invalid accounts exist.  Then email that there are invalid accounts
Best Answer
kevin answered 10 years ago
Hi Kayla,

Unfortunately at the moment there is no way to email the validation errors when a map fails validation. However if the map is run manually, and validation fails, a Validation Errors button will be enabled on the map process screen. Clicking the button will give a list of all data lines that failed validation.

kevin replied 10 years ago

I have logged a request for the ability to include the process and validation errors in emails that are sent from SmartConnect. It will be included in the SmartConnect 2013 SP1 release.


sbasye replied 8 years ago

Has the ability to email notification of data check been added?

Lorren Zemke replied 7 years ago

The ability to email validation errors has been added to Smartconnect 20.15 and newer.

Dominic replied 5 years ago

is it inside the SQL validation task that the email of validation errors is?

where do we create the task to send the email on the data checks error?

I see there is a “save validation errors” box but what to do with it?

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