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Manual distribution lines for multicurrency payables transactions

Henry asked 9 years ago
Hi, I am currently facing an problem in integrating a multicurrency payables transaction where I manually set the distribution using smartconnect. After integrating, the document originating amount matched but the functional amount does not matched due to rounding difference which does not allow me to post the transaction. I found that GP didn’t auto create the “ROUND” distribution type for the rounding difference to balance the functional amount. Is there a way where smartconnect is able to auto create the “ROUND” distribution type?
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Lorren answered 9 years ago

To default that distribution, you have a couple of options.
  1. Use this KB article as an example to include the distribution as part of your data source.
  2. Create a Post-Document task, either script or sql, that creates the additional distribution directly into the GP tables.  If you do this, I would recommend calling the existing eConnect procedure taPMDistributionInsert.
  3. Go back to letting the distributions default from Dynamics.
Henry replied 9 years ago

Hi Lorren,

Thanks you for your reply.

I tried using econnect procedure taPMDistributionInsert in smartconnect to insert the distribution to balance the functional amount after running the initial integration.

However when I check back the transaction in GP, the error still prompts telling me the distribution is not balance and there is still error.

Eventhough the distributions amount for both functional and originating are matched.

Is there any steps that I might have miss?

Kaydee replied 8 months ago

Hello, we are running into the same initial issue. Econnect is creating the distribution for ROUND but is not pulling in the GL account. The link to the above KB article is not valid any longer. Is the process to accomplish this still the same? Is there anything else we need to know other than to use the stored proc mentioned above? thank you!

Patrick Roth Staff replied 8 months ago


Probably better to have started a new thread vs commenting on an 8 year old article – especially as I don’t think your issues are the same.

In that article, they say they don’t get the correct dists created and so doesn’t balance due to functional distribution issue.
In your case, you suggest that it DOES create the distribution but isn’t pulling in the GL Account. So not the same problem.

Not sure about the blog article that lorren references – could be this one:

But even then I don’t see how it would apply to the original case since they already ARE using the taPMDistributionInsert node in the mapping. And the same with yours in that you appear to have the ROUND dist but an empty account number.

I should think you should be able to run an ‘after document success’ script and update the ROUND dist to the account index you want.

Or easier, i should think it would default in if you have the defaults set up on the GP side – but updating it yourself should work too.


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