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Make user security more granular

Laurie Meyer asked 8 years ago
I have clients running SmartConnect maps that need to change the Data Source file very frequently.  I would like the ability to allow them to change the source file, but NOT allow them to change any of the mappings under the Destination window.
The Security currently says “Create or Change Mappings” which lumps it all together.  I would like to see this broken down into two separate categories, as the users sometimes inadvertently make changes to the maps which causes them to error out.
Kristen replied 8 years ago

Hi Laurie,
I have the same issue almost on a weekly basis. A number of my team members have accidentally selected the incorrect source file, run the map, and removed all of the mappings. I’ve created duplicates of each map so I can easily recreate a map from the saved copy when this happens, but have you come up with any security based work-arounds for this issue?

Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello Laurie,
We recommend using the SmartConnect Folder data source for maps that will commonly be using different data sources.

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