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Make a SmartConnect Service that Works

Andrew asked 4 years ago
We just upgraded to
We pushed our upgrade date up because the previous version’s service would just stop working. Services showed the service to be running, but it wasn’t doing anything. We set up a job to restart the service every day…but more often than not the service would not restart.
And now…our latest version of SmartConnect is doing the same exact thing.
Is it too much to ask to get a service that actually works? Can you at least give me an ETA on a functional version?
Sorry for the sarcastic message…but you’re making me look bad.
Thank you.
Joe Powers answered 4 years ago
You are not alone. Version after version I have not been able to get the service to run for longer than a day or two. The “workaround” is a scheduled task to kill the process and restart it daily. Sigh……….

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