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Maintenance – Check List Items

Dave asked 6 years ago
Can someone tell me what the purpose of the “Check List Items” window is.  I navigated to this through the maintenance menu, and the documentation we have seems to be missing any specifics about this.  Thanks.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
According to the help file I have on my GP 2015 install (what I had open), the window is for:
Use this window to check for new or changed list items for list fields in SmartLists, Excel Reports and Navigation Lists.
So what it looks like to me is that if you have a List Item type such as SOP Type that has a fixed amount of iitems in the list (Quote, Order Invoice etc) and that if it GP changed that to add a new one such as when they added FUlfillment Order, this window would process through and find the items that are different.
It would then show you the field that is missing an item and then show you the items currently in the list and the ones that should be in the list. then it’ll let you fix that if you want.
I can’t say that I’ve ever seen any differences since GP seldom adds new static items to their lists.
Dave replied 6 years ago

Interesting. Thanks very much for for your response Patrick, I appreciate it.

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