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Losing crlf when importing data back to SQL from Dynamics CRM

Endri asked 5 years ago
Hello,<br /> Has anyone encountered a situation where sending data to SQL looses the crlf (new lines)?<br /> I have a map that is sending the data from the Description box of the Task form to a sql varchar field and even though the text in the Description box has new lines, they don’t get carried over to the SQL  database.
Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago


Are you sure they aren’t carried over? I ask because I recently tested just this and what I found was that the fields in my CRM are only just LF chars – no CRLF – and that it DID go to SQL with that same LF chars.

In my test then on the SQL side, the application I was using expected to see CRLF and not just “LF” and so it wouldn’t display the line as a “new line” due to that.

But that is just a difference of how the application expects to see the data and not an issue with SmartConnect itself.

Endri replied 5 years ago

You are right about CRM only uses [LF]. I changed the code on my front end application to replace all LF with CRLF.

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