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Logon failiure: unknown user name or bad password asked 10 years ago

I just installed SmartConnect 2012 SP2 for GP 2013.  The environment and the installation of both apps are brand new.

When I try to add any user in SmartConnect Security, I get an error message saying the following:

Logon failiure: unknown user name or bad password

I tried to attach the message as a file, here, for you all to see.  But, this site will not me do so.  All I can say is that the error message is encased in an "unhandled exception" window.

Any thoughts?


Chris Hanson replied 10 years ago

It would probably be referring to the SmartConnect sql user and password that gets created during the install. Not only does that account need to have a set password, but it also needs to be the database owner of the SmartConnect database.

This case would probably be better handled through our support team at as this sounds like an issue with either the install or something in that specific environment.


Best Answer answered 10 years ago
Thanks, Chris!  I contacted support and got the solution, which was to run a script against the SmartConnect database to add the domain administrator, as follows:

insert into SmartConnect..[User] Values (NEWID(),'REDJim','Jim','',1)

After having done this, I logged into SmartConnect as this domain admin and was able to add users into SmartConnect security without issues.

Beat Bucher answered 10 years ago
John & Chris,
I actually a similar situation, but I was able to login into SC after the fresh installation on our Test system… The problem were the actual users that I tried to add to the SC security… Our domain name uses an ALIAS and we always login against AD with the short name, not the full name…
SC security but does insert into the User security table the full domain name and thus the login fails when the users try to authenticated and login into SC…
Thanks to the hint of the User table, I was able to modify / edit the domain login name and voil
Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago
When you add users into SmartConnect you can actually change the domain name directly in the User list after you have added them. If you double click in the column that has the domain you should be able to type over it and switch it to what you need without having to modify the tables in that case – which is a bit safer.

Beat Bucher answered 10 years ago
Hi Chris,
Thanks for the tip… didn't realize I could do that directly there… 🙂
Thanks, will save some time !
Have a nice day,

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