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Login failed for user smartview

al0vely asked 10 years ago
We upgraded our DB server over the weekend and now receive this error when using smartview … login failed for user smartview
Jignesh replied 1 year ago

The user “smartview” in SQL is NOT a GP user, and a GP user will not work. The SmartView user is used internally by SmartView to access the data in GP.

During the installation of SmartView it creates a SQL user named “smartview” and then it makes it a member of the DYNGRP for all the databases.

So before doing anything else, delete the GP user named “smartview”.

Then open SQL management studio and create a new user called “smartview”. Make sure you set the password not to expire, and not force a password change at first login.

Then go to the server roles and make them a member of “public”

Then go to User mapping, and make them a member of the DYNGRP for DYNAMICS and ALL your company databases.

After you get the user created, then open GP and go to Tools – SmartView – Setup. Type in the SmartView user id and the password if the user you just created in SQL. Now SmartView will work.

Best Answer
Teesah answered 10 years ago
Go to: Admin Home Page. Setup. SmartView.. You can setup the user and password for SV to use.

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