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Login failed for user smartview

Nancy asked 10 months ago

We switched servers over the weekend and now receive the message ‘Login failed for user smarview’. We have added a GP user smartview and set the user in Smartview setup with the password ‘smartview’ and still are getting the message. What else can we check? Thanks.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 10 months ago

I think that you already submitted he case and have your resolution but I figured I could add the answer here.

The issue was creating the GP User as “smartview”.

The SmartView install actually creates a user called “smartview” as well. The problem is that GP encrypts the GP users sql passwords and so when SV tries to login with password “access” (or whatever you put in SV setup), it logs into SQL with “access” and not whatever the gp encrypted version is and so fails.

The best solution is to delete the GP smartview user and then maybe repair SV so that it creates the SV user again. Barring that, once you delete the GP “smartiew” user – just to to SQL and make a “smartview” user again and assign to the DYNAMICS db and all the company databases. Make sure to set to DYNGRP for each and you should be good.

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