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Login Failed for user in SmartConnect

Chris asked 5 years ago
A new user started last week. 

  • The user is:

    • In the DYNGRP and has access to the database they’re trying to import data to in GP

    • An administrator in SmartConnect. 

  • The password for this user in SmartConnect is the same as his Windows password. 

Every time he runs a map, a message is returned indicating “Login failed for user (new user ID). Contact your system Administrator.
I can login to the server as another user and successfully run the map.
Do you have any ideas what needs to be done to resolve the ‘login failure’ for this user?
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 5 years ago
If the user is actually a user in SmartConnect, verify the domain is correct within the SmartConnect security window. Have that user go to a cmd prompt and enter WhoAmI.  Note the domain\user. 
Go into SmartConnect Security and make sure the AD User column is the same. If it is not, then click in that column and enter the correct Domain\User that matches the value from the Cmd window.
Chris Flood replied 5 years ago

The domain\user in SmartConnect is the same convention as all other users.
I ran the WhoAmI in the cmd prompt and confirmed the results are consistent with the results in AD in SmartConnect.

I am pretty sure this is specific to the user’s windows credentials as SmartConnect can’t validate the credentials for this user any time he runs a map. Any time this person’s map is run by anyone else, the process can validate the user and import the file.

Chris answered 5 years ago
All domain, user, and password information was valid.  The issue was caused by the fact that the new user was not in the GP Group in AD.
Once this user was added to the GP Group in AD, they were able to successfully run their maps to completion.

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