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Logging Tables in SmartConnect

Peter Kwasnicki asked 7 years ago
We are working on some SmartConnect integrations from a SQL table to GP, and the customer wants a customized web front-end to show the various logging data from SmartConnect, such as Date Run, Run #, Success/Fail, Key Data Fields, Error information, GP Company, etc. Are you able to provide information on the SQL tables that we can pull this information from and their relationships/keys? Taking a look it appears that the TraceHeader and TraceLine tables have most of this information.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
There is a view called SmartConnect_Trace within the SmartConnect database that you could query, which use the TraceHeader and TraceLine tables. With our 20.15 release we have created a SmartConnect Web Client that provides a Dashboard view as well. You can see a quick blog article on this new feature.

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