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Location code local constant

Taek asked 6 years ago
I usually leave location code as source column but sc gave me an error message about location cant be left blank. Since, default value in GP for location is set to as default, I went in to sc and tried to set it as default (local constant = default). Then I got this error msg, “There is already a column with this name for this node”.
When I change the location code field to warehouse, the map works.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
The name of your Location is “DEFAULT”?
The error message is telling you there is another object with the name “DEFAULT” on the map already so it won’t let you add another. 
If your value truly should be “DEFAULT”, easiest solution is to make a calc field called maybe CALC_LOCATION
and then in it, would be
return “DEFAULT”
now the field name mapped is different than what SC is complaining about but you’ll still use the word “DEFAULT” as the data passed to the map.

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