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List option lookup for CRM Online

Manny asked 7 years ago
I’m having trouble importing one specific field from GP to CRM Online.  The source is a string text field in GP and the destination is a CRM lookup field (AKA Option Set).  The lookup only allows one selection on the CRM side.  When I try to run the integration in SmartConnect, I get the following error:
Failed to set column [name] to a List Option lookup column : Sequence contains no matching element.
The field data on the GP side is text that matches the display name of one of the lookup options in CRM. 
Manny replied 7 years ago

I restarted the eOne SmartConnect Service and it mysteriously started working…hmm.

Manny replied 7 years ago

OK, one more thing…. If the source (GP) data field is blank… Is SmartConnect able to send a “blank” record to the CRM option set? I have the List Option Lookup in SmartConnect configured to “Return blank if no match”. However, I’m getting an error for records that have “null” data in the GP source field. It’s the same error as I was getting before (Sequence contains no matching element).

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