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List field value cannot save

Melanie asked 8 years ago
I created a extended window to link customer maintenance window. I use customer ID as key. I create a few list field. When I save the one the list value, I can not save it. Always show me the error message ” A save operation on table ‘EXT_Window_Number’ failed accessing SQL data.” I even setup my userid as poweruser and assign all security to Extender role and security task. Only sa can save extended window list value.
Please help if you have solution.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 8 years ago
If ‘sa’ can save the record but an ordinary user cannot – then that would likely mean that your user does not have the necessary permissions to the table (via DYNGRP).
You should run the grant.sql script on your company that is found under the GP\SQL folder.
Richard Zhu replied 8 years ago

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for the reply. It still dose not work after I run the Grant.sql toward company database.

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