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Linking Smartlist Tables Account Transactions to Payables Transactions results to duplicate entries

Jameson asked 7 years ago
Client has reported this issue and I am able to replicate it,  I wonder if it is a bug?  I’ve tried switching the main table and it didn’t help.  
A. Client’s report setup:
Main Table: Payables Transactions
Linked To: Account Transactions
Link Method:  Left Outer
Linked Fields: Originating TRX Source (GL) to TRX Source (AP)
B. I was able to replicate above issue. I also tried it the other way around and got the same results:
Main Table: Account Transactions 
Linked To: Payables Transactions
Link Method:  Have tried Equals and Left Outer
Linked Fields: Have tried:
– TRX Source (AP) to Originating TRX Source (GL)
– Document Number (AP) to Originating Document Number (GL)
Restrictions: Series is equals to Purchasing
Thank you.
Tina Lopez

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