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Linked Lookup based Extender Form using an Existing GP Lookup

Vernon Loveless asked 7 years ago
I have created an Extender Form with the initial “ID Field Prompt” is based on a “existing lookup”(under the ID Field Options).  I have selected the Customer as the ID.  I would like the default address ID to pull in or have the ability to lookup the Address ID for the selected customer.  I have tried to use the Linked Lookup but it does not seem to work in the ID is the window Prompt, is there any way to make this happen?  Would also like to see the customer name be pulled into the Description Prompt based on the selected customer.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
These items have been added as suggestions in for you.
For the name automatically being placed into the description, if you have Extender Enterprise, this can be done using an Action.
Vernon Loveless replied 6 years ago

I do have Enterprise, but I do not see how to make an Action do the Description. Is this a few actions?

#2 — If the Customer ID is the initial Field Prompt, can I make other fields in the Extender Form automatically pull data from the Customer Master – ie Default Address ID and Salesperson. I have been able to do this if I put the Customer ID in the Extender Form (that allows the Linked Lookup to work) but it does not seem to work in the Customer ID is the Form Field Prompt — am I missing something?

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