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line item allocation setting ignored

Steve asked 9 years ago
We are importing orders via the Sales Order node.  THe document ID that we are importing to is set to allocate by batch/document.  On the 'add line item' map, we also set the allocates quantites column to FALSE (we also tried TRUE).  But, no matter what we do, the order that is imported has the items allocated.  We don't want this to happen when importing orders.  Is this a bug that the setting isn't being respected upon import?  Neither the 'allocates quantities' setting nor the document setting in GP seem to make a difference.

Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago

If you change the destination to Microsoft Dynamics GP – File so that it creates the XML representation of data that is sent to eConnect and those values are what you've entered in the map, then the issue is related to how Microsoft's Business Logic is handling the data.

We don't have access to that business logic so it may require a conversation with Microsoft support to understand what values they require for it to accomplish the desired result.

Steve answered 9 years ago
I actually found out that it is a bug with MS econnect after talking with eone support via email.  However, I'm getting around it by importing the orders as quotes into a specific import batch.  Then we transfer everything in that batch to an order using a doc ID that allocates by batch/document, and it works properly.  

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