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Limitation on nested maps?

Jonathan asked 2 years ago
We recently upgraded to the latest SmartConnect version (form 2014 version) and I’ve been fighting with an issue ever since.  We have a very complicated two-way order integration between GP and Salesforce and there are several maps that launch other maps on success, nested out to 4 or even five levels.  These used to run fine in the old version but fail with “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.” when launching maps from other maps more than a couple of levels deep.
I’ve spent quite a bit of time investigating this issue and have only found one thing that helps.  Running these maps using the scheduler always fails but running them manually succeeds, but only if I set each map to run in a separate tab.  Removing this setting causes the tasks to fail.  Unfortunately, this is not a viable solution long term as we’re talking about an integration that runs 24/7 and processes tens of thousands of records and running each map in a separate tab severely limit how many records can be processed in one batch.
Is this a known issue?  Is there some limit on calling other maps as tasks in the new version?  Is there possibly another explanation for this behavior (like maybe something to do with permissions or ???)?
Thanks in advance.

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