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Last Fail Date on Schedules vs Maps

Jen Kuntz asked 5 years ago
I’m having trouble determining if there is an issue here or not…
A client of mine has a test environment with scheduled maps.

  • On the Schedules list, every day it says last night’s schedules failed. (i.e. Last Fail Date = yesterday’s scheduled date/time). Last Run Success is unchecked.

  • The scheduler service is running and the schedules are active.

  • On the corresponding maps, they all have a “last Run Date” of last night, at the scheduled time, as expected.

  • Each of the maps’ option is set to “if there is no data, return success” so that it doesn’t falsely indicate failure (in this case, that is appropriate for these imports).

  • If I go into the map log on any one of these maps, on “last night’s” map log, it says “Run Status: Unsuccessful”. Record count is 0 so theoretically I’m expecting it to say “successful” based on the option chosen.

So my questions are:

  • why would it say run status is unsuccessful if the option is marked to indicate success if 0 records are in a scheduled map?

  • is this “run status” what the schedule “failure” is picking up as a fail?

There’s barely any data flowing into this test environment but I’m trying to troubleshoot why one day’s data *didn’t* flow through… and I can’t tell if I have an issue with the scheduling or if it’s something else. The map logs on the night I was expecting an import to happen show the same thing as everything else: no records.
Any ideas on what else to check here?

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