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Key field vs grouped

Dominic asked 4 years ago
I have a set of lines  which are all different based on their GL Distribution account for a Receivables transaction.
I have 2 fields which are the same for each lines (date and total).  I would like for the Date and Total to be grouped as a single line for my header information.
When I set the Date and Total as Keyfields, my Gl distribution node only has 1 item.  Not good. I need al lthe different lines.  I should set my keyfield as the GL account.
When I set the Gl distribution as the key field, I can see all the differnet lines, but when I want to build my Create transaction node, i still see all my different lines, eventhouhg I’m grouping on the Date and Total.
If I add the Date and Total in my key fields, nothing changes, I still have all my different lines instead of a single line for my header when I preview the data on the create transaction node.
What Am I doing wrong?  
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 4 years ago
Using Date and Total as your key fields is correct.
You will also want to group your “Create Transaction Header” node on Date and Total.
Make sure you do not group your lines. 
Now when you run the map it will create one header with all of your lines.
Dominic replied 2 years ago

Thanks Ethan, I was had forgotten to group the Create transaction node. That was solved.

I’m on a new integration now. I’m encoutering somewhat the same difficulty.

You see, I had to create a new node in order to manage a project structure.

For example, I need to create one transaction ( based on Batch, date ) that has several lines of a project structure (created by Node builder, based on project structure).

So I’ve put all of the grouping fields in the key fields (Batch, date, Project structure)

The project structure node is grouped by the project structure fields, this goes well, but the create transaction node is grouped with the create transaction fields(batch, date). However, it looks like the create transaction node still keeps as many lines as the project structure fields.

There is now a transaction for every project structure lines. Is there a way to manage those two different set of grouping?

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