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KB 207 – Event Viewer asked 11 years ago
I am having trouble getting SmartConnect 2011 to run maps.  I've been digging and asking questions here that pointed me to KB 207.

It states that SmartConnect will be listed in the Event Viewer under Applications and Services Log.  There is no entry in the Event Viewer anywhere for SmartConnect.

I am getting no errors anywhere but nothing is running.

Need some more guidance on what to check.  Feels like the install is not correct but I am getting no indication on what is wrong.
bushman4 replied 11 years ago

Are you looking at the event viewer on the SmartConnect Server machine?

When I look, I clearly see a "SmartConnect" event log under "Applications and Services".

Not sure what to tell you to do if you don't see it, but I figured I'd give you some confirmation info…

Glenn replied 11 years ago

Yes – I am on the server where SmartConnect is installed.

Chris Hanson replied 11 years ago

If your account didn't have enough rights to createa a SmartConnect log it would dump any entries in to the main Application log and just list the source as SmartConnect.

If a map is just hanging up without running you may have blank values for key fields in your source data or it might have issues connecting. You could try checking the source data for blank rows at the end or looking at your key field columns, or you could run the map to file to see it it goes to file but not into GP or wherever your other destination is to narrow down where its failing.


Best Answer
martin answered 11 years ago

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