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Journal Entry with just one line and one amount – Can an offset node be used?

Lewis asked 5 years ago
I have one file to import with 2,000 lines with just one column for the expense account and one column for the amount.  What is the best method to creating the offset account that will always be the same GL account number?  Can a new General Ledger offset node be created?  I tried this and it does not seem to work..  I get that the distribution is out of balance
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
You would do something like we are doing in this PM Distribution integration.
Here they only have 1 side of the PM distribution in the source data and need the 2nd side. 
The technique used is exactly the same (with a different node) than what you are attempting to do in GL.
When you are running this and if it doesn’t work, cut your distributions down to like 3 or 4 dists and test it with that running the file to Dynamics GP – File.
Review the XML and see what is being sent and what is wrong.  Then adjust the integration to fix the issue and retest.
Lewis replied 5 years ago

I’ll give that a try

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