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Item Qty Decimal not passing correct after running Change Decimal Place

Greg asked 7 years ago
I have an on-going integration that adds and updates items daily from another application.
I have updated all items to have a qty Decimal of 0 using the GP 2013 utility.  I then have to run the integration to add back the price lists, U of M ect…  The issue is after the import it always sets the qty decimal to 1 in the window (2 in the db).  I have  tried all options of passing the value and not passing the value and no matter what I do anytime the item is updated the qty decimal updated back to 1.
I even tested this on adding a brand new items and after running the utility and re import the decimal updates to 1.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
What utility are you using to set the Quantity Decimals for the items to 0? The import of data into Dynamics GP from SmartConnect goes through Microsoft eConnect so the business logic of what is changed for those records would be inside of there and not within SmartConnect. 
Which Group/NodeType/Node are you executing within SmartConnect? 

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