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Issues importing Phone numbers

Roger asked 7 years ago
We have removed the formatting of Phone1, Phone2, Phone3 and Fax in GP so that it is just simple text so that whatever you entered manually will show the way you entered the phone numbers.  The issue is when importing this information using SmartConnect.  When updating the Phone1, Phone2, Phone3 or Fax fields, Smart Connect appears to add trailing zeros to force the field to become 14 digits long, regardless of the number of digits inside my spreadsheet.  I.e. the string 03 93453620 will be changed to 03934536200000, the number 3 would be changed to 300000000000000.
I have tried formatting the data inside the spreadsheet several ways but have not been able to have this update correctly.  Inside Smart Connect the data preview will return the expected results (i.e. a single digit number), but after running the map it will update the database with the trailing 0’s. 
Is there a way to get around this so that whatever is on the source file is imported as is without padded zeroes?  
Thank you/Roger

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