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Issue with SOP and applying payments

Brandon asked 4 years ago
Hello, (sorry for the formatting, I copied and pasted from Notepad++
I am running into an issue with the SOP Group and SO Node Type.
I have an excel spreadsheet with invoice information and payment information.  
The invoice aspect works great.
The issue I am having problems with is the create payment map.
Example – (shortened version to show some fields for create payment.  Real spreadsheet is much larger)
Cust PayAmount     Paydate AuthCode
1 10.00         04/01/2019         ABC1
1 15.00 04/01/2019 ABC1
1 10.00 04/01/2019 ABC1
2 20.00 04/02/2019 CDE1
2 15.00 04/03/2019 CDE2
3 20.00 04/05/2019          FGH1
3 20.00         04/06/2019 FGH1
3 20.00 04/07/2019 FGH2
3 35.00         04/08/2019        FGH2
Notice customer 1 has the same authcode.  These apply to the invoice perfectly, creating one payment entry and summing the amount.  
Customer 2 will create a single payment, for either CDE1 or CDE2, but not both.
Customer 3 will create 2 payments, grouping and summing FGH1, but will not do the same for FGH2.
What I am expecting smartconnect to do is group these on customer, then on authcode, which is what my mapping looks like.  
So customer 2 should have 2 payments, a 20.00 and a 15 dollar.  Customer 3 should have 2 payments, one for 40 dollars, and 1 for 55 dollars.
I cannot understand why it is not being created this way for customers 2 and 3. 
The very odd thing, when I output to GP FILE, it looks great.  For customer 2, XML code would have 2 payments in it, 1 for each amount.  
Below is a slightly modified example of the XML output.  In this case, it is sending 1 record for each payment correctly, however it is not doing it when I output to Great Plains.
My keyfield for the overall map is the CUST.  On my create payment map, I am grouping on CUST and AUTHCODE, and changed the payamount function to SUM.  
I have switched around my groupings, change my keyfields, nothing I do will get it to work. 
I’m hoping someone has some insight.  
Please let me know if I can answer any other clarifying questions.
Thank you.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
Hard to say without trying this but I think it ought to work.
I would guess your issue is the payment number is the same for both payments – PYMT2794196.  The first one goes in and then the 2nd one either modifies the first one or else is (silently or not so silently) failing. 

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