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Is there a way of putting a "Post Success" task automatically on all new maps

John Ondusko asked 8 years ago
I am looking to capture who ran what map over what tenant (basic audit trail).  I have a table that is updated as part of the Post-Map routine with the Username, mapID (this took effort!), MapCompany, and RunDate.  Is there a way that I can:
a) update all maps currently in the database
b) automatically add this SQL query to all new maps
patrick answered 8 years ago
As for adding this under the hood, yes I suppose that would be possible but falls under the ‘definitely not supported’.
Looking at it, the tables in question are TaskBase, TaskSQLBase, and TaskSQLCommand (assuming you are using a SQL Task to do the insert).
You should be able to look at the records for the one you created and then use that as a template to add new ones to the existing maps.  Obviously make a backup of your SQL db before you do this.
As for “b – automatically add this sql query to all new maps”, we can’t really do that.
You can create the task and then import from a template – but the user has to initiate that and it isn’t automatic.
The other thing I can think of is you create a map called “.Template” or something.  Then you set your script on that and have a dummy source/destination.  Then never create a new map – always duplicate that map.
John Ondusko replied 8 years ago

Cheers Patrick.

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