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Is it possible to export to Excel without saving the file?

Eva asked 5 years ago
Smartlist allows you to export to a temporary Excel file without having to save it.  Often we like to export data into Excel just for a quick view and manipulation, but don’t want to save it. Is there anyway Smartview can be configured to behave the same way?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
“Smartlist allows you to export to a temporary Excel file without having to save it”
Actually that isn’t true.  SmartList creates a file in your %temp% folder and writes to that.  Then it opens Excel and displays it.  That’s why when you just close Excel, it doesn’t prompt you to save it at all since it was already saved (unless you modify the opened excel file of course).
The only difference is that SmartView always prompts you to set a filename and then writes to that instead.
Currently there isn’t a provision to “export the file to a temp filename” like SmartList does in SmartView.  But you can enter as a suggestion here:
Eva replied 5 years ago

Thank you for the “technical” correction. Nevertheless, Smartview requires that the user EXPLICITLY AND MANUALLY provide a unique name to save the file and save the file before you can look at it. Then afterwards the user has to EXPLICITY AND MANUALLY delete the file. None of these actions are needed for Smartlist Excel export. This is tedious and makes the product less “user-friendly”.

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