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Invoice fulfillment

Dan asked 4 years ago
We are using GP2015 with Inventory and multiple bins.  We have a subset of customers who sell our inventory on consignment.   We create orders in GP, ship them and then transfer them to the customers “warehouse” within GP.  The transfer process creates the identical bins to move the inventory from our main site to the customer site.  The customer sends us a sales report which we use to  invoice the customer.  We are currently using Integration Manager to import the invoices and we are using the separate fulfillment process.  There is no way for us to know the bin the inventory is in using IM, so we need a person to manually run the fulfillment process.  Also sometimes there are quantity issues so we need to be able to review the invoices and figure how they sold more then they were actually shipped.  The question becomes can we use smartconnect to fulfill an existing invoice?  I was thinking we could pull the invoices and qty’s in a sql query and then use the update if exists flag as well.  However I did see an auto bin option in SOP lines – would this be an option?  The main point is not to miss any sales due to qty and make it as easy as possible.
Thank you in advance

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