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Invoice amount is empty in CRM after upload from GP

Sergey asked 5 years ago
I’m using template maps for uploading data from GP to CRM and I’m having an issue with invoice total amounts in map CRM_INVOICE_BK.
All data seems transferred correctly in CRM but invoice total amount. That field is empty. It can’t be a source issue because, in SmartConnect map, source field ’docamnt’ is not empty in preview and it is mapped to the destination field ’Total Amount’.
’Lock invoice pricing’ action is also performed in my map.The amount appear in CRM only after the imported invoice record has been opened and closed manually in CRM. It looks like the amount field is being calculated in CRM form logic.
Is there a way to overcome this CRM/SmartConnect behavior? It seems insane to open and close each and every invoice record after they were imported. 
SmartConnect version:
Map templates version: D365 Sales 2016
CRM version: Dynamics 365 online
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 5 years ago


I tested the map on my instance and it worked correctly. Are you running Business Rules on the Invoice Form? These business rules could be preventing SmartConnect from updating the value directly. If you open one of the imported Invoices do you see any errors?

Sergey replied 5 years ago

Hi Ethan,

Thanks for your reply.

My system has neither business rules, nor any other customization for invoice. It’s a brand-new instance of Dynamics 365 Online.
After the invoices had been imported, standard views in CRM looked like that:
But if I open any invoice record or choose it in lookup for another entity and display invoice amount in quick view inside this another entity form (I just noticed the last one), the amount for opened invoice in views restores.

Sergey replied 5 years ago

And no, I do not see any errors on opening an invoice form.

Best Answer
Sergey answered 5 years ago
Hi all,
We managed to figure out the cause of this issue. That’s happening when some items from invoice don’t have an appropriate price list record in CRM (with currency and unit of measure from invoice). So even if price is locked in invoice, totals are calculated nevertheless and this process is somehow related to price lists. Hope this helps somebody.

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