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Inventory Trx Map asked 9 years ago
I have created a mapping to import inventory adjustments.  The one problem I'm having is I get a separate transaction for every item instead of one transaction with many items. 

The source file has these columns:
Item No

I've tried various grouping options. 

I'm using a rolling column to get the next document number, which might be the problem.

What would be causing multiple transactions to be created?
Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago

What are your Key Fields for the data source?  I would assume that if you want one transaction with multiple lines you would need to use Batch or Date as your key field.

The trick is to think about how you would enter the data manually into GP to get those multiple lines.  Is that Batch?  Is it Date? or both?

Once you have the key fields set on your data source then use the same grouping for the Transaction Header.  You would not have any grouping for the Add Line Items node.

Here are some links to blog articles discussing grouping SmartConnect.


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