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Inventory Trx Map again

Eugene asked 6 years ago
I  am trying to follow the suggestion from this thread:
I am creating initial inventory quantity load into Dynamics GP and I am loading it as Adjustment inventory transactions.
I am using  Inventory group and Inventory Transactions node type for my mapping and I have 2 mappings in it:
Create Inventory Transaction  and Add Line Item.
I want to create one batch with multiple lines in it, therefore I use grouping in “Create Inventory Transaction” – it is one of my source table columns which has same value for all rows in the source table.
I hard code document number as local constant in both mappings (just use next available document number after looking up directly in GP database).
However, seems like use of grouping does not help and map after successfully creating very first row tries to create new document over and over.
Here is the error message:
Id Success Key Message
4 Unchecked ID = ‘459355’ “Sql procedure error codes returned: 
Error Number = 276  Stored Procedure= taIVTransactionHeaderInsert  Error Description = Input variable contains a duplicate document number (IVDOCNBR) in Inventory – IV10000 or IV30200
Node Identifier Parameters: taIVTransactionHeaderInsert
IVDOCNBR = 00000000000000020
DOCDATE = 12/15/2016
  <NOTETEXT>Initial load</NOTETEXT>

Please advise how to get around this.
Thank you!
Manny replied 6 years ago

Which Key Fields do you have setup in the map?

Eugene replied 6 years ago

in my source table I have primary key named “ID”, so I have picked that.
For grouping in “create inventory transaction” i used another column from my source table named “type” – it has same value in all rows of my source table, and to my understanding this is what makes the map to force all line items into one inventory transaction.

Manny replied 6 years ago

For the Key Field, try using just the Batch name. Let me know the results.

Eugene replied 6 years ago

Key field where? Key field in the mapping is the SOURCE field, and batch number is the DESTINATION field.
I simply hard code (i.e. use local constant) document number in both “create inventory transaction” and “add line item” and for batch number I also hard code (use local constant) predefined value that I have prepared in advance, so I would use existing batch. I can’t group by document number either, since it is destination field.
Are you suggesting

Manny replied 6 years ago

In the source… you mentioned you were using a Key Field called “ID”. If this is unique for all records, then this might be the reason why it’s trying to split up all the records. Try using the “type” field for the source Key Field.

Eugene replied 6 years ago

It helped! I was able to run my mapping with no errors, create one multi-line inventory adjustment and then post my batch once loaded and see inventory on hand on each item.

Thank you!

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