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Inventory transaction Error – Qty passed in is <> to what was passed

Jothikrishnan Narasimmaraj asked 4 years ago
I have a single line with serial item and trying to upload through Inventory Transaction map, but getting the error “The Transaction Qty passed in is <> to what was passed into the taIVTransactionSerialInsert proc or the taIVTransactionLotInsert proc”. I have serial item node before line item node. not sure what i’m missing. Exported the map generated XML and checked but couldnt figure out as it looks good to me.
Please help.
Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

For inventory with serial or lots, I always make sure to set the Sequence Number field for both the lot & trx line to be the same number. That way 100% make sure that eConnect can match up the lines together.

Other than that, if you are just doing a QTY of 1, then you’d just have the 1 serial line and the one trx line.

And of course verify that in the XML that the serial numbers come first and not the trx line.

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