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Inventory Items Transaction Imports asked 9 years ago

I've been working on a set of SmartConnect maps to replace an inventory item system based on Integration Manager and Excel spreadsheets. I've created SQL staging tables to pass along the data from another database platform direct to SmartConnect then to GP.

GP is setup for my client so each time new stock is ordered new inventory items are created and then the on hand quantity is set.

The problem I've run into is getting the On Hand quantity to show up in GP. I have an initial SmartConnect map create the Inventory Item first in US currency. That then hands off to a 2nd map that creates an additional price list in Canadian currency. All of that works flawlessly.

The next stage is where it's not getting the job done. The 2nd map hands off to a 3rd map that creates an Inventory Transaction. I have been able to get the quantity to show up in the Allocated field in GP or in the Requisitioned field but nothing appears in On Hand where it needs to be. When it shows up in Allocated it also shows up in the Available field as a negative quantity and the two cancel each other out when the item is posted.

I suspect I'm missing something obvious here and hoping someone reading this has the answer!

Apparently in GP the On Hand quantity is not an editable field but is the result of purchase and sale by site.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide!


Lorren replied 9 years ago


It sounds like this should be send to the support team at  

The answer may depend on how you are creating the Inventory Adjustment.  When the transaction is posted in Dynamics GP, the standard IV transactions will update the item On Hand quantity by default and is not set within Smart Connect.

I assume you are creating a positive Inventory Adjustment and not reducing the item quantity.


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