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Inventory Create Site does not seem to have the ability to skip if site exists

Lewis asked 6 years ago
I’ve created a SmartConnect import into the Inventory Site  “Create site”.  I need to have the import skip if the site already exists, however that does not seem to be an option…  Is there something I’m missing? Can I skip records if the site does exist?
Lewis replied 6 years ago


Multi Data Source sounded like a good idea..

I start setting it up and it seemed to be going well, however it is not allowing me to save the map template..

I get this error: “You must map at least one node before saving mappings”.

I’ve even followed these instructions (see link below), and was able to get a working query.

Using a Multi Source Map to Filter Imported Records in SmartConnect

This approach seems very problematic.. especially because I’m not able to save the template.
Maybe there’s a better way to accomplish importing and “skipping existing records”?


Jared Dux Staff answered 6 years ago
You can use a multi-data source to restrict the source to those records that don’t exist in Dynamics GP. Create one source that reads your actual source and the other reads SQL for existing Sites then do a Left Join to where the existing sites are NULL.  You can refer to our online manual for information on the multi-data source here
Lewis replied 6 years ago

I will give your suggestion a try, then let you know how it works out for me.
Thank you

Lewis replied 6 years ago

Everything seems to be working properly, however I cannot save the template. I get a warning “You must map at least on node before saving mapping”… nothing I do seems to allow me to save the template, any ideas why?

Lorren Zemke Staff replied 6 years ago

Lewis, have you actually mapped to a destination? That error message does not pertain to setting up the data source portion of a map. When you expand the destination section in map setup and then verify you have mapped your source data to a destination node for Dynamics GP.

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